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Flames Of Truth is a free blog designed to express the system of GOD in its purest form, fully detailed in the last scripture; QUR'AN. Special emphasis is laid on exposing and combating Islamic extremism, Intolerance and Political Islam prevalent in the world and thereby presenting Islam as the Moderate, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive system of GOD it really is.

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Why democracy can’t succeed in Traditional Muslim world 2

Part 1: https://flamesoftruth.wordpress.com/2017/10/26/why-democracy-cant-succeed-in-traditional-muslim-world/

Law Making

Democratic systems also empower the people to analyze, ponder and decide on laws and policies by which to govern themselves in tune with their era, location and customs. On the contrary and as earlier pointed, this power is not accrued to the people under traditional Islam and a holy trinity of God, Muhammad and ancient jurist hold exclusive power deciding almost everything, nitty gritty details that boils deep to even private and personal issues that is normally left to individual discretion outside traditional Islamdom. Continue reading


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Why Democracy can’t succeed in Traditional Muslim world

The compatibility of democracy with traditional or mainstream Islam has become a bone of contention among the scholars since the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate. Traditional Muslim apologists continue to court a system wherein pure democracy flourishes in predominantly traditional Muslim and sharia compliant societies, rather than absolute monarchy persisting throughout Islamdom in the middle age and still firmly thriving in the GCC countries. Continue reading