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Flames Of Truth is a free blog designed to express the system of GOD in its purest form, fully detailed in the last scripture; QUR'AN. Special emphasis is laid on exposing and combating Islamic extremism, Intolerance and Political Islam prevalent in the world and thereby presenting Islam as the Moderate, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive system of GOD it really is.

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First written 01/17/2015

I have been attending an educational programme since last week. Before the commencement of the programme daily, there is always a morning devotion for both Christian and Muslims. In one corner, the Christians meet for their devotion and the Muslims meet in another. Continue reading


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Shari’ah II: Phantom Heaven


This is the second phase of my paper on Shari’ah. In the last phase, i dealt with apostasy, adultery and theft. It should not puzzle you that despite all the injustice, cruelty and human right violations that results of of implementing Shari’ah in the Middle East, more Muslims continue to push for this law. Continue reading

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Holy Ignorance Is Behind Attacks On Two Nigerian Churches

Two churches were burnt on Monday, 31/03/2014 afternoon at Tudun Wada, Funtua Local Government Area of Katsina State in Nigeria by rampaging muslim youths, witnesses have said. The unrest started when some students at one Ideal School, a private secondary school in the community, reported to the youths outside the school that a teacher was teaching an SS2 class lessons and made ‘blasphemous’ statements on Islam. Continue reading