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Flames Of Truth is a free blog designed to express the system of GOD in its purest form, fully detailed in the last scripture; QUR'AN. Special emphasis is laid on exposing and combating Islamic extremism, Intolerance and Political Islam prevalent in the world and thereby presenting Islam as the Moderate, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive system of GOD it really is.

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Shari’ah II: Phantom Heaven


This is the second phase of my paper on Shari’ah. In the last phase, i dealt with apostasy, adultery and theft. It should not puzzle you that despite all the injustice, cruelty and human right violations that results of of implementing Shari’ah in the Middle East, more Muslims continue to push for this law. Continue reading


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Pened Response To The Uyghur Cries

Around the golden age of Islam, Persian and Arab merchants stopped at China to trade, some of whom settled there and inter-married native Chinese. They are the ancestors of the hui people in China today. The hui are predominantly muslims,  sinicized and have fully blended their religion with Chinese culture overtime. Continue reading