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Flames Of Truth is a free blog designed to express the system of GOD in its purest form, fully detailed in the last scripture; QUR'AN. Special emphasis is laid on exposing and combating Islamic extremism, Intolerance and Political Islam prevalent in the world and thereby presenting Islam as the Moderate, Tolerant, Peaceful and Progressive system of GOD it really is.

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First written 01/17/2015

I have been attending an educational programme since last week. Before the commencement of the programme daily, there is always a morning devotion for both Christian and Muslims. In one corner, the Christians meet for their devotion and the Muslims meet in another. Continue reading


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The False Alarm On Isamophobia


Islam originate from the root word, “Salam”, which mean “Peace”. It relate to a state of peace among men and service to God. So, it is not possible to have a Muslim or tenet of Islam at odds with peaceful values like justice, equity, moderation and tolerance. Continue reading